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Escape from the prison of the mind: "Gormenghast" by Mervyn Peake

Hallucinated and imaginative painter, multifaceted and visionary artist, forced by continuous nervous breakdowns to prolonged stays in nursing homes and psychiatric hospitals, Mervyn Peake entrusts the written word with the task of exorcising the dark obsessions that will eventually devour him. On the stormy sea of ​​a dream universe both nourished and threatened by excesses [...]

Kasada Festival: a pilgrimage to Mount Bromo

Anna and Matteo, to whom we warmly welcome on our pages, went on a pilgrimage to Mount Bromo, on the island of Java in the Indonesian archipelago, to take part in the Kasada Festival, an annual event that has been held annually on the summit since time immemorial. of the volcano. They brought us their testimony and their photographic reportage.

Indigenous Siberian peoples and the Russian "national question"

The purpose of this study is to introduce the complex and controversial topic of the history of the indigenous peoples of the Russian Arctic in the Tsarist Empire and in the Soviet Union. After a brief introduction to the ethnic and cultural geography of the region, the policies adopted over time towards the aforementioned populations of the Siberian Arctic, the issues of nationality, [...]

The cult of Isis during the Hellenistic period

The cult of Isis is one of the most interesting phenomena from the historical-religious point of view that the period of Hellenism recalls. To understand the various syncretisms and the diffusion that interested this cult it is good to go back to its origins, to finally arrive at the feast of Sant'Agata in Catania, which of the Isiac celebrations presents itself as a [...]

Psychedelic Christianity (part I): Maria Sabina and the "fungal Eucharist"

An investigation into the syncretism between the "cult of the sacred mushroom" in the Mexican area and imported Spanish Catholicism, centered on the figure of the Mazatec "sabia" and "curandera" Maria Sabina. Following, some reflections on the bizarre but interesting fungal representations in the Christian cult, made known by authors such as John Allegro, Elémire Zolla, Gianluca Toro and Giorgio Samorini.

“Chameleonic analogies”: from the mandrake to the salamander, from the basilisk to the elf

In many legends of Italian folklore the mandrake inhabits the waters and is interchangeably described in its triple plant, zoomorphic, anthropomorphic aspect. Here we will describe some particular convergences between the "monster-mandrake", some mythological and non-mythological reptiles (salamanders, basilisks, snakes, dragons, reptiles and amphibians in general, winged creatures) and some subterranean and liminal creatures of the [...]

The Sicilians of the Balkans and the Thracian connection

Here we speak of Thracians, an Indo-European population of the eastern Indo-European branch, the satəm one, which is why the Proto-Illyrian Sicilians belonging to the western branch, kentum, would have nothing to do with it, at least apparently. But instead they have something to do with it, and how. In fact, it is historically and "toponymically" proven that Sicilian elements have penetrated the Balkan Peninsula on several occasions, most of them merging with [...]


The "Sulphurous Gothic" by Leo Perutz

Talented and tormented outsider who is rightly celebrated today as one of the most refined masters of the gothic genre, Leo Perutz, to escape the distressing bottlenecks of reality, turns his gaze to the vast field of memories of Antiquity and weaves a very personal dialogue with the shadows of the greats of the past, the only ones capable of soothing his [...]

For an anthropological reading of the "Journey into the Matamonia of Esagro Noroi", by Lucio Besana

"A journey into the Matamonia of Esagro Noroi" by Lucio Besana, contained in the collection "Stories of the crimson series" (Edizioni Hypnos 2021), takes the reader through a pilgrimage with uchronic connotations, showing the limits and tensions of the symbol, both given by its dependence on the processes of natural and sacral reification. The story takes the symptoms to the extreme [...]

The diabolical conferences of Arthur Christopher Benson

Dagon Press has recently published in Italian - with the title "The closed window" (translation by Bernardo Cicchetti) - the supernatural tales of Arthur Christopher Benson, together with Montague Rhodes James one of the most significant early English "ghost-writers" XX century, as well as comparable in terms of suggestions and themes to writers roughly contemporary to him [...]


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Arcane Italy: the hypogeum of Piagge and the Mithraic Mysteries

In Piagge, in the scattered town of Terre Roveresche in the Marche region, the recent discovery of this hypogeum becomes an opportunity for a journey into hermetic symbolism. An extraordinary and unique place of its kind that leads the visitor to experience the atmosphere of ancient initiation rites.

Cuevas de los Tayos: the Gold of the Gods in the Amazonian subsoil

A little more than half a century ago, at a time when humanity's gaze was looking at space and man's landing on the moon, a small notary's office in Guayaquil was dealing with an issue that pointed in the opposite direction, that is, towards the interior of the Earth. As Neil Armstrong walked on the surface of our natural satellite, a taciturn [...]

The mysterious Russian underground tunnels of Kebardino-Balkaria and the legend of the "Old City"

We are used to believing that the main megaliths on the planet are concentrated in Egypt, South America and India. However, the system of mysterious underground structures has recently been found at Kabardino-Balkaria, near the village of Zayukovo, Russia. The researchers suggest that all the tunnels are concentrated around a huge underground structure in the shape of [...]


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Zalmoxis, Apollo Soranus & le Mannerbünde

On the occasion of the publication of the first paperback for the newly born Axis Mundi Edizioni, we are publishing a preview of an excerpt from the first chapter of The Angel of the Abyss. Apollo, Avalon, the Polar Myth and the Apocalypse dedicated to Geto-Thracian shamanism (in the mythical figure of the demigod Zalmoxis) and its relationship with the sacred practices of the Apollonian iatromancers.


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States of hallucination

William Hurt, an American actor who starred among other things in Ken Russell's epochal film Altered States, released in theaters in 13, passed away at the age of 72. Here we analyze the psychedelic aspects of the film that is currently being recognized as the masterpiece of the "British Fellini" on a par with [...]

Conference: “Psychic Landscape. Psychedelia, Magic and Consciousness Development "

Sunday afternoon 27 February we will speak as speakers at the international conference on Psychedelia organized by the friends of the Society of the Sulfur, with a report on Terence McKenna and entheogenic shamanism of Mexico and the Andes. In addition to us, Julian Vayne, Giorgia Gaia and Tancredi Marrone will participate. Live streaming video on the LSDZ YouTube channel starting from [...]

Around the sacred spatiality

The sacredness of temenos and the suspension of time alone give that order of meaning to the initiates and their living outside the temple itself, directing and decontextualizing them into something super-temporal and not linked to the contingent. Meditations on sacred spatiality: on the divine as center and circumference, the analogy between temple and heart, [...]


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HP Lovecraft & JRR Tolkien: world creators in the century of irrationalism

Howard Phillips Lovecraft and John Ronald Reuel Tolkien are both sons and active protagonists of the XNUMXth century. It is possible to read their work and activities as an expression of the aspirations, emotional needs, but also of the fears and tensions of the man of the twentieth century, as well as establish, rightly, connections between them and the movements of twentieth-century Irationalism [...]

On the "snow-white" Giant that stands out on the horizon at the end of EA Poe's Gordon Pym

Poe's typically romantic existential desperation arises precisely from this contrast: wanting to experience the infinite through the finite and the absolute through the relative; wanting to knock on the doors of mystery and access the secret of existence, without giving up the role of the rational investigator and the wayfarer who does not believe there are other paths to the truth, beyond [...]


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OUT NOW! "Massacre - The Novocarnista Review" n.1

Issue 1 of "Massacro - La Rivista Novocarnista" published by the guys of La Nuova Carne has just been released, with our retrospective on Aldo Lado's cult film "The short night of the glass dolls", released in cinemas exactly fifty years does.

Amazonian mirage

Parallel lives in the history of the exploration of the Amazon: from the conquistadors to Colonel Fawcett, passing through the cinema of Werner Herzog with Klaus Kinski.

Nocturnal voices at the Sublicio bridge

Broadcast for the first time on September 24, 1995, the television drama written by Pupi Avati and directed by Fabrizio Laurenti is now twenty-six years old. Let's go over, for the occasion, the esoteric and occult elements that emerge from the vision of the five episodes that compose it.

Live video: “Folk Horror” special. AXIS MUNDI presentation n.1 (with Obsidian Mirror)

Tonight at 21:00 pm we give you an appointment on our YouTube channel for the presentation to the public of the first printed edition of AXIS MUNDI (Lammas 2021), entirely dedicated to the literary and cinematographic genre "Folk Horror". With us there will be Obsidian Mirror, founder and manager of the homonymous blog, an obligatory step for more than a decade now for all [...]


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Pupi Avati's fantastorico Elsewhere

For the 45th anniversary of the release in theaters of the cult film "The house with laughing windows" (August 16, 1976), we also propose this interview released by Pupi Avati to Andrea Scarabelli in October 2019, on the occasion of the release of “Il Signor Diavolo”.

25 years of "Arcano Enchanter": conversation with Pupi Avati

Exactly 25 years ago, on April 19, 1996, “L'Arcano Incantatore” was released in Italian cinemas: a variation by Pupi Avati on the theme of a genre he himself conceived and codified - the “Gotico Padano”. For the occasion we went to interview the director and we retraced the "making of" of the film and the final result.

Conversations with Mircea Eliade

114 years ago, on March 13, 1907, Mircea Eliade was born in Bucharest. For the occasion, let's spend a few words on the booklet recently published by Edizioni Bietti for the "Minima Letteraria" series, in which you can read four interviews with the most important historian of XNUMXth century religions released respectively to Jean Varenne, Alain de Benoist, Fausto [...]


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