Direct video: “History of the Necronomicon”, with Sebastiano Fusco & Venexia editrice

Next Wednesday 9 February we will have the pleasure and honor of hosting Sebastiano Fusco on our YouTube channel, who will present his essay "History of the Necronomicon”Published in 2007 by Venexia editrice. Direct from 21:00.



Birth, development and life of Lovecraft's great myth of horror and esotericism, unveiled and commented on like never before. The history and chronology of the Necronomicon, a cursed book that never existed, which managed to condition contemporary esotericism in a disconcerting way. S. Fusco, probably the best known and most rigorous Lovecraft expert in Italy, follows his traces in Lovecraft's own letters and fiction, also exploring his magical knowledge, a less known part of the endless Lovecraftian culture. The text reveals fragments of a forgotten esoteric knowledge and collects all the related mythical, authentic and apocryphal texts in an authentic Library of Babel. Contains the famous illustrations on Lovecraft's Necronomicon.


Sebastiano Fusco (1944) professional journalist, he began to publish his first articles (scientific dissemination, culture) at the beginning of the 2000s, collaborating with various periodicals ("Oltre il Cielo", "Ali", "Il Borghese" and others ), and newspapers (“Il Giornale d'Italia”, “Il Gazzettino”, “Il Tempo” and others) during the school and university period (engineering). He was editor of a newspaper, then editor-in-chief and editor-in-chief of various periodicals, especially for scientific dissemination "Test" (Italian edition of "Popular Mechanics"), "Scienza Duemila", "Teknos", "L'Italiano", weekly of politics, current affairs and culture. In 1970 with Luigi Cozzi he founded the publishing company “Mondo ignoto”, which publishes the monthly “Mystero” and other newsstand periodicals dedicated to archeology, cinema, science fiction, as well as several series of books on the same topics. Among his past experiences he was editorial director, with Gianfranco de Turris, of Edizioni Fanucci in Rome, director of a regional television, editorial consultant and translator for various publishing houses. He has collaborated and collaborates with various newspapers and news agencies with scientific, current affairs and culture dissemination services. Since XNUMX he has had a large book production, with his own name and various pseudonyms, including Jorg Sabellicus, for various publishing houses, including La Nuova Italia, Edizioni Mediterranee, Fanucci, Mondadori, Solfanelli, Sugar, Hermes and others. He signs books on various topics, including scientific popularization, magical traditions, alchemy, esotericism, fantastic fiction, "tangential" topics. He has edited the critical edition and translation of the complete works or narrative sections of various authors, such as HP Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, Arthur Conan Doyle, Gilbert K. Chesterton, Ambrose Bierce, Edith Wharton, Edward F. Benson, MR James, Philip K. Dick and numerous others, for various publishers. For Venexia he edited the volumes The Key of Solomon, the Italian edition of the Sepher Yetzirah and Storia del Necronomicon by HP Lovecraft.

Gallery via Rotondi Bookshop, Rome

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