Live video: "Sacred medicine", with Massimo Centini

Tomorrow evening, Wednesday 30 November, Massimo Centini will be a guest on our YouTube channel to present his book Sacred medicine: a journey into the medical-magical practices of Italian folklore (Yume, 2020). Appointment in live streaming starting at 21:30.

The headless horseman. Washington Irving, the dark face of America

Washington Irving knows the value of orality as a privileged means of preserving and handing down memory; his short stories have the rhapsodic trend, the polyphonic sonority typical of speech and the writer entrusts improvised storytellers with the task of reconnecting the scattered threads of a shared cultural identity, weaving, between one side of the Atlantic and the other, the warp and weft of an idem feel through their stories, in a dense network of references and quotations.

Live video: "Eastern European religions and folklore" (Mircea Eliade), with HC Cicortaş

Tomorrow evening starting at 21:00 we will have the pleasure of presenting the new edition of the historic book by Mircea Eliade on our YouTube channel From Zalmoxis to Genghis Khan: the religions and folklore of Eastern Europe (Mediterranee 2022) with the curator Horia Corneliu Cicortaş.

30 years of “Bram Stoker's Dracula”

Francis Ford Coppola's monumental film dedicated to the famous figure of the Count, released in theaters thirty years ago, managed to frighten and excite audiences around the world, thanks to its powerfully visionary style and the intensity of actors such as Gary Oldman and Anthony Hopkins in the lead roles. But in addition to the undeniable originality with which the "myth" of Dracula is reworked, did the film really respect a fidelity to the novel, as promised by the title? And how many particular references, allusions and influences can be traced in the scenes of this horror still fascinating and complex today?

Presentation "The Angel of the Abyss" in TURIN (11 November 2022)

Tomorrow, Friday 11 November, we will be guests at the historic Arethusa Bookshop in Turin to present our first paperback published with Axis Mundi Edizioni: The Angel of the Abyss. Apollo, Avalon, the Polar Myth and the Apocalypse. Appointment in Via Giolitti 18 starting at 18:00.