The Sacrifice of Isaac in Jewish Iconography (Part II)

Starting from the representation of Genesis XXII hosted in the synagogue of Beth Alpha, we will analyze how the Book of Jubilees sanctioned a correspondence between the biblical passages of the Sacrifice of Isaac and the Liberation from Egypt. Furthermore, in the figure of Isaac, who appears here in the shape of a helpless and frightened child, we will be able to observe [...]

HP Lovecraft's “The Pickman's Model”: dissection by a nightmarish artist

An analysis of the symbolic substrate - from the catabasis in a truly existing underground Boston to the pre-Islamic folklore of the Ghouls - of the famous story by Howard Phillips Lovecraft Pickman's model (1926), recently adapted in one of the episodes of the TV series Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities (2022), directed by director Keith Thomas.