EVERY SOUL IS A STAR — 1) Gustav Meyrink

With this article we inaugurate a new section, "EVERY SOUL IS A STAR". The goal we set ourselves with this project is to investigate, article after article, the men and gods they have embodied, through the investigation of their history and their birth chart, with the means of archetypal and traditional Astrology .

In this first appointment, the birth chart of Gustav Meyrink - born in Vienna on 19 January 1868 - allows us to observe the powers that animated him, the symbols that were hidden in each of his works, and through these to attempt a suggestive synthesis of his history, as a man and initiated.

Live video: The time machine and archaic cosmotheology, with Andrea Casella

Next Wednesday 18 January, starting at 21:30, we will present the second paperback of our series on our YouTube channel "Hèsperos: European Traditions & Myths“, of which we opened presales at the Winter Solstice and which will be available from February: The time Machine. Essay on Archaic Cosmotheology by Andrea Casella.

The Hypogeum God and the visionary rites of Chavín de Huantar

In 2016 we went to visit the sacred site of Chavín de Huantar in Peru, the most important temple of the pre-Inca civilization of the Chavín. In this report we analyze the archaeological remains that have come down to us - starting from the Lanzón, the Stele Raimondi and the characteristic "nail-heads" - and the visionary cult that took place in the underground meanders of the temple.

The "Book of the Dead" of the ancient Egyptians (part II)

Second part of the study on Egyptian Book of the Dead (follows from the first). A focus on the "solar monotheism" established by the pharaoh Akhenaten and on the probable contacts between the Egyptian solar cults and the Jewish religion, through the analysis of Egyptian and Judeo-Christian sources.