The island of the dead: from Böcklin's visions to Fabrizio Valenza's novel

The Isle of the Dead by the Swiss symbolist painter Arnold Böcklin, in all its versions, has haunted generations of scholars and beyond. The homonymous novel by Fabrizio Valenza recalls its dark suggestions by crossing them with the oppressive atmospheres typical of Lovecraftian literature.

The Dogon and the Sotian calendar

Waiting for tomorrow night's live with Antonio Bonifacio, dedicated to his book The Dogons. Masks and souls to the stars (Venexia 2015), we host this vast unpublished work by the author which summarizes the religious cosmology of the peoples of western Sudan and its links with ancient Egypt.

Prophetic Edgar Allan Poe: the “Gordon Pym” and synchronicities

Edgar Allan Poe was a prophetic master of macabre twists. But the most disturbing thing is the novel he wrote about the sinking of a ship, The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, in which he evoked the same name of a man who 50 years later in real life would be shipwrecked and, exactly as described in the book, be eaten by his fellow passengers.

Live video: "The Time Machine" by Andrea Casella, for The Sulfur Society

Tonight starting at 21:30, the second presentation of the new paperback coming out for Axis Mundi Edizioni will be broadcast on the YouTube channel of the friends of La Società dello Zolfo: The time Machine. Essay on Archaic Cosmotheology by Andrea Casella [AXS002].

Live video: Divine masks and winter rites of passage, with Alessandro Norsa

Tomorrow evening we will have the pleasure of hosting Alessandro Norsa on our YouTube channel for the presentation of his latest editorial effort, Divine masks. History of winter rites of passage, published last year by Karyon editor, a text that contains over twenty years of research on the subject throughout Europe (and beyond).

Completing the Work: a pilgrimage in the Sansevero Chapel, in Naples

Visiting the temple conceived by Prince Raimondo di Sangro means taking part in a great collective history, branched out between artistic wonders and initiatory symbols. Even as spectators, it is an experience that should be done at least twice in a lifetime.