“Yoga” by Emmanuel Carrère: I meditate, therefore I am

Emmanuel Carrère's novel is a delusional journey into his inner abyss that each of us can recognize and pity. But it is also a joyful vibrant invitation to accept life, to observe it in its entirety, just as one observes one's thoughts while meditating. Every day sitting, motionless, in silence. 

Completing the Work: a pilgrimage in the Sansevero Chapel, in Naples

Visiting the temple conceived by Prince Raimondo di Sangro means taking part in a great collective history, branched out between artistic wonders and initiatory symbols. Even as spectators, it is an experience that should be done at least twice in a lifetime.

Devilman: the myth

Akira Fudo's life is turned upside down by his friend Ryo Asuka when he reveals to him that the Earth is about to be invaded by terrifying demons who, hibernating for centuries in the Antarctic ice, are now about to free themselves from the providential prison to attack the surface. ; demons would have lived on Earth before the appearance of man and now claim ownership. What is it about? Perhaps a Japanese remake of "At the Mountains of Madness" by HP Lovecraft? Not really, even if certain correspondences are undeniable. We are talking about “Devilman”, a pillar of Japanese comics, full of cultured references and a revealing work of the human condition in all its precariousness.

“Weird literature: narrating the unthinkable”. Interview with Francesco Corigliano

We interview Francesco Corigliano, the author of the essay recently published by Mimesis that investigates the characteristics and the deep meaning of a genre that is difficult to define, through the use of three contemporary masters: Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Stefan Grabiński and Jean Ray.

JRR Tolkien, the human story of a twentieth century hobbit

Sharp conservative hostile to any form of extremism, sincere Catholic deeply influenced by numerous other mythical-religious apparatuses, tenacious defender of trees against the society of machines: Tolkien was this, and much more. We retrace the life of one of the masters of contemporary fantasy on his anniversary.

Arthur Machen and the panic charm of the uncanny

The new special issue of zothique, magazine of fantastic and "weird" literature published by Dagon Press, in its over 230 pages allows us to retrace the life and work of Arthur Machen, a Welsh writer who between the end of the XNUMXth century and the beginning of the XNUMXth was able to look beyond the "veil of reality" and reveal the essence of "Great God Pan“, Establishing himself as one of the greatest authors of supernatural fiction of his time.

"Beyond the real"

The dimension of the fantastic has always existed. In ancient times, through the use of myths, sagas, legends and cosmogonies, human beings shaped their beliefs and motivated their actions. Today the fantastic continues to permeate life and the collective unconscious of man, expressing itself with certainly different means but always capable of magnetizing our inner compasses. Lovecraft, Machen, Meyrink, Smith and Tolkien are five paradigmatic authors of this genre, finally presented in all their literary and philosophical dignity in the new essay published by GOG edizioni.