“Chameleonic analogies”: from the mandrake to the salamander, from the basilisk to the elf

In many legends of Italian folklore the mandrake inhabits the waters and is interchangeably described in its triple plant, zoomorphic, anthropomorphic aspect. Here we will describe some particular convergences between the "monster-mandrake", some mythological and non-mythological reptiles (salamanders, basilisks, snakes, dragons, reptiles and amphibians in general, winged creatures) and some subterranean and liminal creatures of the [...]

At the origins of Laùro, the Salento nightmare sprite

There are those who see in Laùro Salentino, even starting from the etymology, the descendant of the ancient Lare, the Roman domestic spirit. But more generally the points of contact with other supernatural entities of the Mediterranean tradition stand out, from the Nightmare to the Munaciello, from the Genius Cucullato to the Telesforo.