[AXS002] Andrea Casella, “The Time Machine. Essay on Archaic Cosmotheology"


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Imbolc MMXXIII (February 1, 2023)

NECKLACE "HÈSPEROS - European Traditions & Myths"

360 pp. (320 + XL)

240x170x28 mm

ISBN: 978-88-946486-4-5

Cover: John Singer Sargent, Atlas and the Hesperides 1925

Bookplate (frontispiece): Chiara Silvia Salvini, Homo Zodiacus 2018

Bookmark: Chiara Silvia Salvini, Saturn (Mantegna's Tarot), 2014

Iconographic appendix of 16 pp. coloured


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Since prehistoric times, man has been responsible for reading time, the soul of the world. But there is no knowledge of time without a vision of the sky. The vision of the sky, and in particular of the night sky, the starry Uranus of Orphism, placed before man the limited horizon of his own transience. And yet, human life seemed to be inscribed in a coherent design of a higher order, while remaining nothing but a fragment of the apparent "suffering" of being. Those terrestrial images that the myths have handed down to us had their origin in the sky. There is a common thread that unites the submersion of Atlantis, the fall of Phaeton, the description of Tartarus and the territorial divisions of the polis recommended by Plato. Places of heavenly rest, flights of doves, wanderings in labyrinths are silent images for us, or at best worthy of being relegated to the world of fantasy, but the fact is that they constitute the translation on a figurative level of the rhythm, of the great musiké of the universe, which as such only the disembodied soul can receive. But there is no metaphysics, not yet. Before the dramatic rift between the cosmos and the extra-cosmic world, before the planet Saturn was transformed into the transcendent God, even the soul of man had to behave according to the great soul of the world. The inexorable fate of the soul was to return, by order of Ananke, to the notes of the celestial circles. Because, says Plato, reincarnated souls fall back to earth in the form of stars.


Born in Vallo della Lucania (SA) on 2 September 1986. He began as a scholar of esotericism, with a particular fondness for Gnosticism. In this period he writes articles for ABRAXAS, an online magazine dedicated to the analysis and dissemination of historical Gnostic thought. His writings of the period are Albert Caraco (ABRAXAS n. 19, 20/03/2015) e Plotinus: against the Gnostics (ABRAXAS No. 20, 09/07/2016). He then approaches the study of ancient cosmology and classical mythology, advocating a cosmotheological and astral reading of myths. For the traditional studies journals AXIS MUNDI and ATRIUM he has published several articles, among which Saturn, the Black Sun of the early days (AXIS MUNDI, 03/03/2018) e Saturn, metronome of the archaic cosmos (ATRIUM, year XXIII [2021], n. 4). He has also published literary articles for AXIS MUNDI, dedicated to authors dear to him: Edgar Allan Poe and the criticism of the real in humorous farces (AXIS MUNDI, 19/01/2018), "The House on the Deep" by William Hope Hodgson (AXIS MUNDI, 01/10/2019) e In the beginning was the Word: the fantasy of Philip K. Dick in "Ubik" (AXIS MUNDI, 22/09/2020). He also proposed a "Saturnizing" reading of Sauron, the famous Tolkienian antagonist, writing an article entitled Sauron, the Demiurge of Middle-earth (AXIS MUNDI, 05/05/2019). He also manages a Facebook group, which currently has about 2500 members, entitled "Cosmology, symbolism and tradition", dedicated precisely to cosmology, the cosmotheological interpretation of mythology and traditional symbolism.

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