Marco Maculotti, “Carcosa unveiled. Notes for an esoteric reading of True Detective "


Essay by Marco Maculotti, founder and curator of AXIS world,
on the first season of the tv series T, by Nic Pizzolatto.

The work, divided into three macro-sections and a total of thirteen chapters, aims to dissect the themes and esoteric perspectives of the serial, referring now to ancient traditions and "pagan" rituals, now to the literature of the fantastic and horror supernatural, now to the "cosmic pessimism" of Thomas Ligotti, whose essay
The conspiracy against the human race is to be considered, by explicit admission of the director, as the greatest inspiration for the genesis of the series.

With original illustrations by Marco Sabbatani

Published by Mimesis Editions
for the series “The coffee of the philosophers”, n.137

222 p.

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February 18 2021

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The sacrificial rituals experienced by the infamous Swamp Sect in T, however abject they may be, they can rightly be attributed to a certain magical vision of the world, typical of traditional societies: which is why, by analyzing for example the esoteric symbolism of the signs scattered throughout the eight episodes of the Pizzolatto serial [...] we we will be able to shed light on the type of worship, beliefs and mindset which lies behind the merely external side of the events shown to the viewer.


«What distinguishes T from a very large part of the television series it can be identified in its characteristic of being based more on the unspoken than on the said, of exploiting more the created atmospheres and wisely veiled symbolisms than what actually happens, at the level of action, in narrative situations. If on the one hand this peculiarity is commendable, precisely because of its ability to immerse the viewer in an almost timeless dimension, characterized by the most bizarre oneirism and permeated by the action of the inescapable forces of destiny, on the other it makes it very complicated decipher its innermost meanings, which we here intend to do. Nonetheless, if dissecting the series as a whole may seem an almost impossible operation, precisely because of its characteristic of not saying, no one forbids trying to shed light on some key elements of the story, which can be analyzed for example with the tools of anthropology. of the sacred and of the history of religions. "


«Even those who are fasting from esoteric, religious and folkloric studies will have grasped the numerous symbolisms, some obvious and others more hidden, behind the first season of True Detective; for those wishing to deepen the question, a book has finally been released in Italy with the Mimesis editions, which manages to give credit to the depth of Pizzolato's work, with an equally complex critical analysis: Carcosa unveiled. Notes for an esoteric reading of True Detective by Marco Maculotti, founder and rector of the online magazine Axis Mundi. In Carcosa unveiled, Marco Maculotti analyzes the multiple sources from which Nic Pizzolato drew to create the narrative universe and the protagonists of True Detective, from the link with similar current cases, passing through the panic, archaic and shamanic symbolism that pervades the entire work up to arrive at the philosophy of Cioran, Ligotti, Nietzsche and the literature of Lovecraft, Chambers and Machen with which the work is imbued. If at a first viewing of the series one cannot help but be touched by the depth of the story, once the many roots that have allowed its development have been deepened, one cannot but be amazed by the way in which Pizzolato has managed to give life to so many suggestions. "
INK BLACK (Daniele Palmieri), March 14, 2021
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

«Marco Maculotti […] that curtain raised it completely with an essay of those that anyone should have in their library. And when I say anyone, I mean anyone with a passion for fantastic literature, anyone with a passion for mythology, anyone with a passion for philosophy and anyone with a passion for television entertainment of a certain level, because in "Carcosa unveiled There is a bit of all of this. Technically, and for the avoidance of doubt, “Carcosa unveiled” is not an investigation into the Chambersian myth of the King in Yellow as an end in itself. "Carcosa unveiled" is to all intents and purposes an essay or, as the illuminating subtitle states, a series of "notes for an esoteric reading of True Detective" (scattered and well amalgamated notes, but unquestionably notes). On the other hand, if Maculotti had chosen to deepen one by one the thousand ideas that emerged from the folds of True Detective, two thousand pages would not have been enough to do so and this would have made the work difficult to use for the reader who, on the contrary, succeeds. in this way to follow the path indicated by the author with good agility. It is not an investigation into the Chambersian myth of the King in Yellow as an end in itself also because Maculotti's analysis starts from a long way off and, like a poker player, the author only drops the ace when it's time to do so. "
OBSIDIAN MIRROR, March 19, 2021
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

«From late nineteenth-century literature up to serial of Pizzolato, the yellow thread unrolled by Maculotti traces a disheartening vision of the modern world, fragile and insipid despite its evolutionary goals. Investigating the remote regions of existence involves chilling encounters with the inscrutable. […] Retrace the first season of True Describe with such in-depth connections it turned out to be an extremely fulfilling experience. I therefore recommend to all of you, lovers of mystery and the occult, to explore the cosmogony of Pizzolato - which is the cosmogony of our era - under the expert guidance of Marco Maculotti, a true Cicero of the Great Abyss. "
THE CROSSROADS OF THE WORLDS (Christian Lamberti), March 27, 2021
★ ★ ★ ★

"Marco Maculotti in his book starts from the" unspoken "and from the hidden, collects with the keen eye of the gold digger the traces scattered along the narrative and reveals their essence by drawing wisely from the history of religions and from the anthropology of sacred but also from myth, from folklore, from the crime news of the last decades and from cinematographic works that seem to have underground connections with what Nic Pizzolatto wrote. “Carcosa unveiled” precisely for this reason it seems to use the American television series as a pretext to descend into the primordial dimension from which the mysterious essences that populate “True Detective” come. […] Maculotti, according to what is indicated in the subtitle of the essay, should write down "notes for an esoteric reading of 'True Detective'", but in reality he does much more than just writing simple marginal notes. The author rather gives life to a shamanic-type mechanism: he breaks the cage of time and space - including the liquid ones of TV series- and so the reader is overwhelmed by a river that crosses the banks of the television series to overflow into endless territories populated by mythological creatures and spirits of nature. "
CALENO24ORE (Massimiliano Palmesano), March 27, 2021


MARCO MACULOTTI, publisher and writer, he was born in Cremona in 1988 and graduated in Milan. He is the founder and director of “AXIS mundi” ( online magazine of culture, anthropology of the sacred, history of religions, esotericism, folklore, literature of the fantastic. He has published in various journals of traditional and literary studies, both paper ("Atrium", "Arthos", "Lovecraftian Studies", "Zothique", "Cosmic Dimension", "Il Corriere Metapolitico"), and digital. Lately he has focused on the work of the Welsh writer Arthur Machen, publishing three essays: The Fair Ones, Atavism and "Protoplasmic Regression": Arthur Machen's Panic Mythopoiesis (In Beyond the real, GOG Editions, 2020), Fairies, witches and the door to the Other World: folkloric and ethnographic reliefs on the work of Arthur Machen (in "Zothique. Magazine of fiction and fantastic culture", n. 4/2020) e Arthur Machen, Advent Prophet of the Great God Pan (In Arthur Machen. The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Bietti Editions, 2020). In his spare time he delights in writing supernatural horror stories, two of which, Annex to the will of Ölver Huldurr McGrain e Tumpek Wayang, were published in anthologies respectively A penny from hell (SensoInverso Edizioni, 2017) and Looks into the Unknown. Decameron of the Mystery (Bietti Editions, 2020). A third story, The Iceman, received the special mention of the prestigious “Hypnos Award 2020”.


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