Hieronymus Bosch and the drรดleries

A stranger to the idealizing representation of nature, Bosch established himself in the collective imagination as a painter of dream visions, and so he has in fact been defined over the centuries up to the present day: as a painter of the fantastic and of the dream, or even of the nightmare, painter of the demonic and hell par excellence. Yet his works always refer to another reality, in which the traditional categories of Beauty, Eternity and Sense are (still) present, albeit in a renewed form.

WB Yeats, William Blake and the sacred power of the imagination

Although they lived one century after the other, in the biographies of Blake and Yeats it is possible to glimpse two parallel lives, based on some specular guiding ideas that guided their artistic and literary activity: the ideal of " religion of art โ€, the saving mission of the artist, the emphasis placed on the imaginative faculty for the purposes of the process of self-realization and the announcement of the advent of a new era to come.

Gunung Padang: the Javanese "Mountain of Light", between (fanta) archeology and folklore

We went to the island of Java in Indonesia to visit Gunung Padang, an enigmatic archaeological site that some have called "the oldest pyramid in the world". From the โ€œOut of Sundaโ€ theory to the recent surveys with the carbon-14 method, we will try to give a historical location to the โ€œMountain of Lightโ€, between (fanta) archeology and folklore.

The end of the primordial age and the "Fall of Man"

Notes of a mythical-traditional nature on the esoteric history of humanity in the present Manvantara: from the Golden Age to the "Fall", from the "Sleep of Adam" to the "Original Sin", from the tripartition Adam-Eve-Lilith to the revolt of the Bear against the Boar.

Arctic homeland or "Mother Africa"?

di Michael Ruzzai
cover: Vsevolod Ivanov

Summary of the conference heldย on Friday 24 February 2017 at Trieste.

After the previous meeting on "The ancient roots of the Indo-Europeans"Of 27/1/2017 also this, which took place thanks to the organization of Daniele Kirchmayer, was introduced by the useful and interesting notes of Fabio Calabrese, who provided a first overview of the issues in question, insisting in particular on strong conformism, ideologically oriented, of current prehistoric research. In fact, as a starting point for the conference, we can certainly say that today the academic world, and also the popular one aimed at a wider audience, is based on two assumptions that tend to present themselves as real "dogmas "Of faith, in truth anything but demonstrated: the" ascending "evolutionism in a more general biological perspective, and the Afrocentrism of human origins in that more specifically concerning our species, Homo Sapiens. We will begin by exposing some points of criticism to these two conceptual a priori and then we will move on to illustrate the more properly constructive elements of the discourse.