The Urvolk of megalithic culture and the bell-shaped glass

European megalithism, understood as a Uranian cult manifestation of the passage to the celestial sphere of the spirit of the deceased, and therefore as an earthly home and portal for the deceased, has a remote origin that unites all the Indo-European peoples scattered throughout Europe since the very beginning. remote prehistory of the continent.

Buffalo sacrifice and megalithic funerary cults in Sulawesi and Southeast Asia

From the analysis of the Indonesian funerary rites (Sulawesi and Sumba), and more generally in Southeast Asia, a conceptual plot emerges including the erection of megaliths, the ritual sacrifice of the water buffalo (psychopomp animal par excellence), the cult of the Ancestors and its link with the fertility of rice fields. Let us try to understand how such different symbolic areas have harmonized with each other over the millennia.

Gunung Padang: the Javanese "Mountain of Light", between (fanta) archeology and folklore

We went to the island of Java in Indonesia to visit Gunung Padang, an enigmatic archaeological site that some have called "the oldest pyramid in the world". From the โ€œOut of Sundaโ€ theory to the recent surveys with the carbon-14 method, we will try to give a historical location to the โ€œMountain of Lightโ€, between (fanta) archeology and folklore.

Secret History of New Zealand: From Oral Tradition to Genetic Analysis

From the tradition of the Maori to the semi-forgotten Moors, going back to ethnic and cultural components that flow into the world of Myth: the Patupaiarehe, a "fairy" people of legends, Indian influence, the disconcerting distribution of the sweet potato kumara on both sides shores of the Pacific, Thor Heyerdahl's "thalassocratic" theory ... up to the most modern genetic analyzes.

Sacredness, myth and divinity in the civilization of the ancient Sardinians

The chosen land of a heroic and warrior elite who lived pervaded by the dimension of the Sacred, Sardinia can rightly be counted among the most important spiritual centers of antiquity: the aim of this study is to reconstruct through the lenses of history, of myth and tradition the development of the ancestral Sardinian ethnos and its culture