Chronicles of the End: from Machen's โ€œTerrorโ€ to Lovecraft's โ€œColorโ€

On the occasion of the 83rd anniversary of the death of HP Lovecraft, which took place on March 15, 1937, and given the period of stasis we are experiencing, what better occasion to reread one of his most terrifying stories, "The Color came from Space", light the parallels with another apocalyptic novel released more than a century ago that today seems so prophetic, Arthur Machen's โ€œThe Terrorโ€?

Gunung Padang: the Javanese "Mountain of Light", between (fanta) archeology and folklore

We went to the island of Java in Indonesia to visit Gunung Padang, an enigmatic archaeological site that some have called "the oldest pyramid in the world". From the โ€œOut of Sundaโ€ theory to the recent surveys with the carbon-14 method, we will try to give a historical location to the โ€œMountain of Lightโ€, between (fanta) archeology and folklore.

The magic of the Mainarde: on the trail of the Janare and the Deer Man

A visit to Castelnuovo al Volturno, in Molise, allows us to give a face to the characters of local folklore, the Janare and "Gl'Cierv", and to resume some central mythical-traditional aspects ofย Cosmic-agrarian cults of ancient Eurasia.

Metamorphosis and ritual battles in the myth and folklore of the Eurasian populations

di Marco Maculotti

The zoomorphic metamorphosis topos is widely present in the folkloric corpus of a large number of ancient traditions, both from archaic Europe (on which we will focus mainly in this study), and from other geographical areas. As early as the fifth century BC, in Greece, Herodotus mentioned men capable of periodically transforming themselves into wolves. Similar traditions have been documented in Africa, Asia and the American continent, with reference to the temporary metamorphosis of human beings in fairs: bears, leopards, hyenas, tigers, jaguars. Sometimes, in some historically documented cases of the ancient world (Luperci, Cinocefali, Berserker) "The paranormal experience of transformation into an animal takes on collective characteristics and is at the origin of initiatory groups and secret societies" (Di Nola, p.12).