Gunung Padang: the Javanese "Mountain of Light", between (fanta) archeology and folklore

We went to the island of Java in Indonesia to visit Gunung Padang, an enigmatic archaeological site that some have called "the oldest pyramid in the world". From the β€œOut of Sunda” theory to the recent surveys with the carbon-14 method, we will try to give a historical location to the β€œMountain of Light”, between (fanta) archeology and folklore.

The cyclopean ruins of Nan Madol in Pohnpei, in the Caroline Islands

The archaeological enigma of the "ghost site" in the archipelago of Micronesia, made up of about 100 small artificial islets connected to each other by a network of canals, has bewitched "mystery investigators" over the centuries, from Irish sailor James O'Connell to Colonel James Churchward, to neuropsychiatrist Oliver Sacks.