Autumn publications: "ATRIUM", "The immobile traveler" and "Towards psychedelic maturity"

In the last few weeks, three editorial products have been printed in the creation of which we participated: the register n.3 / 2021 of the magazine "Atrium", directed by prof Nuccio D'Anna, with our extensive essay on "Viracocha and the myths of origin of the Andean tradition "; la silloge “The immobile traveler. Essays for Gianfranco de Turris on the occasion of 60 years of activity ”(Edizioni Solfanelli) with our article on the reception of Arthur Machen in Italy via GdT; and “Towards psychedelic maturity” (AnimaMundi Edizioni), with our speech at the General States of Psychedelic in Italy 2020.


"ATRIUM - Metaphysical and Humanistic Studies"
3 / year XXIII

(Cultural Association "Cenacle Pythagorean Adytum")


Preview of our essay
Viracocha and the myths of origin of the Andean tradition:


"The immobile traveler"

Essays for Gianfranco de Turris on the occasion of 60 years of activity (1961 - 2021)

Curated by Andrea Gualchierotti

(Solfanelli Editions)


Preview of our article:
Arthur Machen and GdT


   The figure of Gianfranco de Turris is one that allows very little space for rhetoric, especially around his person. Yet, if there is an occasion that deserves to be celebrated, it is the fulfillment of an anniversary - that of sixty years of career - which already only with its numerical consistency, well hints at the role he played in the dissemination of literature of the Imaginary and all that is Fantastic. Hence the idea that brought together colleagues, old friends and new generations for this collective tribute, a miscellany of themed contributions and essays that have together the friendly caliber of the celebration and the analytical approach of Festschrift academic. All the fundamental stages of de Turris' journey beyond the threshold of the literary Elsewhere - from the Lovecraftian studies to the Tolkienian criticism, from the disputes over science fiction to the emergence of an Italian streak in the Fantastico - are therefore retraced by the voice of those who worked and still collaborates with him; the result is a variegated mosaic, whose tesserae often coincide with memories, anecdotes and facts, which reveal much also of man, as well as of the scholar.


Altomare, Besana, Cimmino, Cozzolino, De Franchi, De Pascalis, Farneti, Fusco, Gallesi, Genovesi, Giuliano, Gobbo, Guarriello, Maculotti, Nejrotti, Ortino, Passaro, Prosperi, Rulli, Scarabelli, Sessa, Solfanelli, Tentori, Triggiani, Green.


"Towards psychedelic maturity"

Selected interventions of the 2019 and 2020 editions of
States General of Psychedelia in Italy

By Rete Psy * Co * Re

(AnimaMundi Editions)


(we also point out the presence of Massimiliano Palmesano, our collaborator)

Preview of our intervention
AXIS mundi: rituals, esotericism and techniques of ecstasy (SGPI20)

Our live video intervention at the "States General of Psychedelia in Italy 2020" - which is based on the first half of the full contribution now published on "Towards psychedelic maturity”And originally on - can be viewed on our YouTube channel:

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