Editorial publications



📌  M. MACULOTTI, THE ANGEL OF THE ABYSS. Apollo, Avalon, the Polar Myth and the Apocalypse, Axis Mundi Edizioni, Milan-Soresina (CR) 2022 [ISBN: 9788894648614]

📌  M. MACULOTTI & AL., «AXIS MUNDI» No. 2 – “ESCHATON: end of year celebrations and end of the cosmic cycle”, Axis Mundi Edizioni, Milan-Soresina (CR), autumn 2022 [ISBN: 9788894648621]

  • Apollo, the Archangel Michael and the Harvest
  • The archaic substratum of the end of year celebrations: the traditional significance of the 12 days between Christmas and the Epiphany
  • Altiplano: the pangs of Pachamama and Anima Mundi

📌  M. MACULOTTI & AL., «AXIS MUNDI» No. 1 – Special “FOLK HORROR”, Axis Mundi Edizioni, Milan-Soresina (CR), summer 2021 [ISBN: 9788894648607]

  • The Wicker Man: from folklore to folk horror
  •  Terror and ecstasy. Arthur Machen: The Hill of Dreams
  • Penda's Fen: the sacred daemon of ungovernability
  • Supernatural Horror by Montague Rhodes James + Hereditary: the ghostly legacy of Montague
  • Picnic at Hanging Rock: an Apollonian allegory
  • mid summar: the crowning of Beauty and the expulsion of the Beast
  • The waves of fate. Jonas Lie: Weird Tales from Northern Seas
  • The abductions of the fairies, the changeling and the renewal of the lineage
  • Folk Horror, Spaghetti & Popcorn: a selection of 18 Italian films

📌 PREFACE to Alex LO VETRO, The Ancient Way. Animism and the Gods of the Far North, Axis Mundi Edizioni, Milan-Soresina (CR) 2023 [IBSN: 9788894648638]

📌 PREFACE to Andrea CASELLA, The time Machine. Essay on Archaic Cosmotheology, Axis Mundi Edizioni, Milan-Soresina (CR) 2023 [IBSN: 9788894648645]


📌 M. MACULOTTI & AL., NORTHERN MYTHS. Gods and Traditions of Northern Europe, Diarkos, Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN) 2023 (with the contributions of Andrea ANSELMO, Fabrizio BANDINI, Alessandro BONFANTI – Alberto BRANDI) [EAN: 9788836161805]

📌  M. MACULOTTI, CARCOSA UNVEILED. Notes for an esoteric reading of True Detective, Mimesis, Milan-Udine 2021 [ISBN 10: 8857572838; ISBN: 9788857572833]

📌 The kidnappings of the Fairies and the mystery of themissing 411», Appendix to Umberto VISANI, Missing: From the Hanging Rock Case to the Dyatlov Pass Mystery. History and casuistry of anomalous disappearances, Quantico, 2023 [ISBN: 9791281077065]

📌 Apocalypse Apollonian: theEkpyrosis definitive and the advent of Regnum Apollinis, su «Arthos» No. 31 – “The Last Times”, Arya – Company of Tradition, Genoa 2022/23 [ISBN: 9788898324330]

📌 The "Second Religiosities" today and the "Wall of Time", su «Evolian Studies» 2021, edited by Gianfranco DE TURRIS – Andrea SCARABELLI – Giovanni SESSA, Ritter, Milan 2022 [EAN: 9791280121226]

📌 INTRODUCTION ad Arthur MACHEN, Another reality, Dagon Press, Pineto (TE) 2022 [ISBN: 9798849559803]

📌  Metaphysics of the Mask, its "Golem" No. 2, The Sulfur Society, Parma 2022

📌  They live, we sleep. A 50-year “Short Night”, its «Massacre» n. 1, La Nuova Carne cultural association, Milan 2022 [ISBN: 9798787825893]

📌 AFTERWARD in Ascanio MODENA ALTIERI, Vis et Mos. A compendium of symbologies and allegorical personifications in the imperial coinage from Augustus to Diocletian, Porto Seguro, Rome 2022 [EAN: 9788855469968]

📌 The forgotten farm (short story), on AaVv, XNUMXth century carnist, La Nuova Carne cultural association, Milan 2022 [ISBN: 9798410700092]

📌 Parallelisms between Dante's infrworlds and the Indo-Buddhist and shamanic tradition of Asia, its «Arthos» No. 30 – “Dante and the very ancient Italic Wisdom”, Arya - Company of Tradition, Genoa 2021/22 [EAN: 9788898324217]

📌 The apocalyptic eschatology of the Sibylline Oracles in the bed of Indo-European traditions, its «The Metapolitical Courier» n. 15/2021

📌  AXIS world: rituals, esotericism and techniques of ecstasy, in AaVv, Towards psychedelic maturity. Selected interventions of the 2019 and 2020 editions of the States General of Psychedelia in Italy, edited by Rete Psy * Co * Re, AnimaMundi Edizioni, Otranto (LE) 2021 [ISBN: 9791280008923]

📌  Viracocha and the myths of origin of the Andean tradition, its «ATRIUM», year XXIII/n. 1, Cultural Association "Pythagorean Last Supper Adytum", Lavarone (TN), Autumn 2021

📌  Arthur Machen and GdT, in The immobile traveler. Essays for Gianfranco de Turris on the occasion of 60 years of activity (1961-2021), Solfanelli, Chieti 2021 [EAN: 9788833053585]

📌  In the footsteps of Andean shamanism: a healing ritual in Peru northern, its "Golem" No. 1, The Sulfur Society, Parma 2021

📌  Mysteries of the Mediterranean: the Guanches and the sinking of Atlantis, its «The Metapolitical Courier» n. 13/2021

📌  The Doctrine of Awakening: Gustav Meyrink's non-fiction, its Zothique No. 6 – “GUSTAV MEYRINK”, Dagon Press, Pineto (TE) 2021 [ISBN 13: 9798724223430; ASIN: B08Z9W54ZP]

📌  The cult of Fairies in Celtic countries: an eschatology of death and rebirth, its «Arthos» No. 29 – The strength of identity, Arya - Company of Tradition, Genoa 2020/21 [EAN: 9788898324170]

📌  The Trap of Life: A Philosophical Reading by T, in «Scenari» (cultural in-depth magazine of Mimesis Edizioni), 26 February 2021 [ISSN: 23851139]

📌  HP Lovecraft, the New Babel and the "Witch Hunt 2.0", its «Lovecraftian studies» n. 19, Dagon Press, Pineto (TE) 2021 [ISBN 13: 979-8705466931; ASIN: B08VY76Y4L]

📌  Fatal and feral females in fantasy and horror literature, AFTERWARD a Christopher Blayre, Cheetah! The cheetah girl, Dagon Press, Pineto (TE) 2021

📌  Moana, Machen, Eliade and the Vinum Sabbati, on "Cosmic Dimension" n. 12, Tabula Fati Editions, Chieti 2020/21

📌  “At the wall of time”: Ernst Jünger and the return of the Titans, its «The Metapolitical Courier» n. 11/2020

📌  Arthur Machen, Advent Prophet of the Great God Panin Arthur Machen. The Sorcerer's Apprentice, edited by Paolo MATHLOUTHI, Bietti, Milan 2020 [ISBN: 9788882484507]

📌  The fairies, the witches and the door to the Other World: folkloric and ethnographic reliefs on the work of Arthur Machen, its “Zothique» n. 4 – “ARTHUR MACHEN”, Dagon Press, Pineto (TE) 2020 [ISBN: 9798665025728; ASIN: B08CPDL8KL]

📌  In the Twilight Zone, in «Antarès» n. 16 – “DYLAN DOG – Our Daily Horror”, Bietti, Milan 2020

📌  When the Myth shapes the History: the transits of Venus, the return of gods and the fall of the great pre-Columbian empires, its «The Metapolitical Courier» n. 10/2020

📌  Tumpek Wayang (short story), in Aa.Vv., Looks into the Unknown. Decameron of the Mystery, edited by Dalmazio FRAU – Andrea SCARABELLI, Bietti Editions, Milan 2020

📌  Borobudur, "imago mundi" and "stone book" of the dharma, its «ATRIUM», year XXII, n. 1, Cultural Association «Pythagorean Last Supper Adytum», Lavarone (TN), Spring 2020

📌  I Fair Ones, the atavism and the "protoplasmic regression": the panic mythopoiesis of Arthur Machenin Beyond the real, edited by Lorenzo PENNACCHI, GOG Edizioni, Rome 2020 [ISBN: 9788885788398]

📌  The "physics of angels": dialogue between a visionary biologist and a rebellious theologian, its «The Metapolitical Courier» n. 9/2019

📌  The house with laughing windows. Fetishes and (self) sacrifices, in «Inland – Quaderni di Cinema» n. 10 – “PUPI AVATI”, Bietti, Milan 2019

📌  Review de "The mysteries of the Far West" by GM Mollar, in «Tepee» year XXXV/n. 55, 2019 [ISSN: 18255655]

📌  The snake and the dragon: morphology of ophidic symbolismin "The Age of the Serpent", Valusia # 2, Italian Sword & Sorcery Books 2019 [ISBN: 9788894323078]

📌  PREFACE to Gian Mario MOLLAR, The mysteries of the Far West, Editions The Meeting Point, Vicenza 2019 [ISBN: 9788868205645]

📌  The divine service of the Greeksin «Mediterranean», Italian Sword & Sorcery Books 2018 [ISBN: 9788894323016]

📌  Underworld civilization in science fiction fictionin «Cosmic Dimension» n. 2, Tabula Fati Editions, Chieti 2018 [ISBN: 9788874759217]

📌  Annex to the will of Ölver Huldurr McGrain (short story), in Aa.Vv., A penny from hellSenso Inverso Editions, Ravenna 2017 [ISBN: 9788867933068]


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On the perennial reality of the myth. The secret wisdom of bees, by Pamela L. Travers, on Limina, 9 August 2020

Muses, sirens and black stars: the cruel tales of Carlo De 'Medici, on Limina, 19 June 2020

[RL Stevenson] In the South Seas, in The Dissident Intellectual, March 26, 2020

WB Yeats, navigator of the Great Memory, on Limina, 5 February 2020

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Amazonian mirage, in The Dissident Intellectual, 31 October 2019

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Journey to Mongolia: the confessions of Bolod the Buryat, in Il Cartello, “Microcosms” column, 14 March 2018

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Life as a gher: nomadism in Mongolia, in Il Cartello, "Society - On the road" column, 12 October 2017

On the traditional conception of figurative art and its sacral function, in Daily Alchemist, August 2017

Brian De Palma: obsessions, doppelgangers, meta-reality, in Il Cartello, "35mm" column, 21 June 2017

Cycle of articles on True Detectives, on YAWP:

  • Childress, Pan and the Wilder Mann, 7 May 2017
  • The Weltanschauung by Rust Cohle, 2 July 2017
  • Ithe Devouring Time and the Eternal Return, October 28, 2017
  • The final ascension of Rust Cohle, an "Apollonian" initiate, 6 April 2018

Blood, Gens, Genius. Family rites in ancient Rome, in L'ora aria, 13 February 2017

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  • part I, January 24, 2017
  • part II, February 6, 2017
  • part III, February 24, 2017

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